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Experience Meets Passion in Mechanical Design

QTS DFW Data Center – Dallas Texas
215,000 square feet / total chiller plant 10,680 Tons with N+1 equipment arrangement

The QTS DFW facility was and is exciting because of the scale it possesses. The required depth of understanding for the mechanical and electrical systems employed approaches an apex of engineering design, one of the greatest internal motivators in the engineering profession. Systems of this size have unique requirements beyond their smaller comparisons. Discussions of space considerations included the theoretical shifting of bus sized equipment. Concerns of access, maintenance, and replacement are continual. The facility is adapted for both the necessary and extraordinary, which when deployed will elevate it to a quality comparative model.

The facility presented opportunities and challenges through reuse of an existing plant. The existing skeleton and utilities are robust, but existing conditions did not lend it to perfectly locating all equipment. The data center application resulted in phased construction, so elements of today’s design were considered nearly three years ago.

We designed the water cooled chiller plant layout at each iteration, assisted with building piping network, assisted with the air side equipment design, designed the water and plumbing services, assisted with mechanical equipment selection, and assisted with the fire protection design.

The design team possesses great collaborative personalities that I continue to enjoy being a member of.

Jeff Kling PE ME