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In Remembrance of Gary Fussell

We regretfully announce the passing of Gary Fussell, a longtime CAD Manager at Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc. and part of the GDS family.

Gary Fussell

He was a valued member of our team and was one of our longest tenured employees next to the founders. For nearly 30 years, Gary diligently worked to develop (and fiercely upheld) our CAD standards. He was passionate about his work and the people of Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc. We truly were family.

Gary served in the Navy and was stationed at Pearl Harbor. Even as a child, he knew he wanted to be in the engineering field just like his dad. Outside of work, he enjoyed spending time in the great outdoors – relaxing, camping and exploring.

Gary always had an opinion, or a story to share about his work, life… or whatever he was irritated with at the moment. We sorely missed him these past few years as he was battling health issues. He always had the hope of returning to the office. He will be deeply missed and will always remain in our hearts.

To all those who knew Gary, it would be a great tribute if you could share your stories and memories with us. We invite you to leave a comment below and we will add them to our website as a memorial to Gary.

To Gary Fussell – Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc. CAD Manager.

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