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Designing Award Winning Lighting

Electrical Designer and Illuminating Engineering Society award winner Gerry Batrez is taking over today to share some thoughts about how he approaches the lighting design process. Not surprisingly, his approach involves teamwork.

“There are a number of factors which will influence your design when starting a lighting design project.  Some things to investigate are the local building codes,  what year NEC is being enforced, what year energy code, budget, what type of space, etc.  You should inform the Architect early on in the project of what energy code is applicable, the allowed watts per square foot and applicable lighting controls.  Also check with the Architect to see if they have envisioned any special lighting applications or perhaps if they have a specific light fixture they would light to use.  Usually we are aware fairly early on in a project if there are budget concerns.  If there is a budget problem we try to identify those areas and work together with the Architect to come up with affordable fixtures.  Working together with your Architect is vital to be able to provide the best lighting project possible.”
– Gerry Batrez

The annual IES awards will be held in North Kansas City on November 16, 2017.